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When Krabs enters, Squidward asks how many X-rays he took and SpongeBob tells him 25,, but Squidward says the list only said to do one.

The Checkup

Krabs comes out all mutated and walks away. As Mr. Krabs is complaining about his day. SpongeBob, unknown to Krabs, comes out of a massage parlor and asks if he wants a massage. Krabs agrees and they go inside. SpongeBob sets a trap which throws Mr. Krabs in the freezer. Squidward then tells SpongeBob that he had to measure Mr.

Health Checkup – KLE Hospital

Krabs' cold temperature to compare if it is the same to the water around him, not freeze him to death. Krabs comes out of the freezer and SpongeBob tells him that he can work out to pass his physical throughout the weekend.

SpongeBob then breaks the ice with a mallet, but Mr. Krabs' shell cracks and his teeth fall out. In which, he then starts crying.

During the weekend, Mr. Krabs is unable to do any of the workouts, which results in cracking his shell once again. Krabs looks more terrible than before.

Health check-up

Receive answer by e-mail. Apply for an appointment.

An existing patient: No. You cannot make an appointment with family doctors and private practice doctors. Please contact these doctors individually.

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Provide feedback. Ask a question Ask a question. We also offer tailor made Health check-up packages when done in groups of more than 20 people. All health check-ups are conducted by prior appointment only. You can make an appointment through 1. Telephone: Ext.

Meek Mill - Fuck That Check Up (feat. Lil Uzi Vert) [OFFICIAL AUDIO]

In person: between 8 am to 4 pm on working days 3. Email : gre peerlesshospital.

Importance of Eye Checks

If you are diabetic, you have high blood pressure, you are pregnant, or you have any other clinical condition, please inform at the time of taking an appointment. Ladies are advised NOT to undergo their health check up during menstrual cycle. Please be informed that certain tests like X-rays are not to be done if you are pregnant. However these will be billed separately in additions to the package payment.